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Starlings are     lovingly handcrafted

in Ticino.

Our Starlings® suits are cuddly soft,

cosy and practical

AND AVAILABLE in many fancy prints

and great colours!

The suit can be worn in the pram, cot, car seat or sling – it will always keep your precious bundle warm and protected.


Through the large opening you can even gently – without waking him up – put your sleeping baby into the suit or take him out of it, and your child can continue to sleep peacefully.

The foldable mittens and feet pockets offer protection from the cold or give your baby the freedom of movement he or she wants. Your little one can wear the Starlings suit up to the age of 9 months, depending on your baby's size.

We have now 4 different fabrics in our range:

alpine fleece, summer-weight sweat, terry and muslin


The suits are manufactured from A to Z in Switzerland and have been tested many times –

we would like to share our enthusiasm with your baby and with you.

      NEw Alpine fleece STARlings®

 have already arrived!

In many new, colourful and cool designs!

You can use the Starlings® in so many ways ...


... safe and warm in the pram

Your baby can be strapped in easily, so his safety is guaranteed. Your little one can move and is warm – no blanket that might slip or fall off.


... protected in the sling or baby carrier

Do you like to wear your protégé? The Starlings is perfect for this too!Your baby is warmly wrapped and yet his arms and legs are free to move. Depending on the season, you just put him in his everyday clothes – and then straight into the Starlings. Your baby stays nice and warm, and, with the hood, is also protected from bad weather.


... cuddly in the car seat

If your baby falls asleep on the way home, it's easy to take your precious bundle out of the Starlings and lay him or her in the cot.

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... when Mummy's lap is the only place to be

We know the feeling well. You want to go for a coffee or just spend time somewhere nice, but then wrapping your baby up warmly suddenly feels like a real challenge. With the Starlings, you can take your baby out of the pram, the sling, the baby carrier or the car seat whenever you want just as he is, knowing that your little one will stay warm and still enjoy the freedom of movement.

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